Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Young Blood

I've finished all of my blogs and I only need to do my formal event which I just did but a few days ago I saw a video called Uncle Drew. Uncle drew is played by NBA star Kyrie Irving, this series is promoted by Pepsi Max. What he does is he has make up artist who come in to make him look like an older grandpa/older uncle who then goes to street parks. Once he gets to the street parks he relaxes until someone comes and ask to play where first he acts old and then the funny part happens. He turns on the NBA style of playing crossing over, stealing, dunking and everything else you could think of. He also has others come participate in these videos such as Kevin Love and Nate Robinson. When he adds them into the mix they start to bring back the team and are now almost done but haven't done the last few installments so it is only a matter of time.
Now the term young blood is something he uses to talk about the new generation of ballers and how they only care for the crossovers, the fade a ways and the shoe game and how they have forgot the really meaning of the game. And that is to get Buckets, nothing but buckets!

The Formal Event

About a week ago, I attended my girlfriends debutante formal which was six different girls all from 15-18 years old. The event was well set up and very organize, from the time of arrival to departure and everything in between. The escorts used for the debutante were the JROTC Air Force Cadets which were very professional to say, I still wish they would have allowed them to pick their own escorts instead of being assigned them. I did enjoy the night because I was allowed to talk to some of her family I have never engaged in conversation with so that was nice as well. All the participants did look great in their dresses for talent and also the entire dance portion of it. But more about the formal, it had each of the girls showcase a skill in which they must perform in front of all who attended, the skills to name a few where public speaking, musical talent and my wonderful girlfriend showcased a beautiful dance she had created herself. After the talent/skill portion was done they proceeded to the waltz and different dances such as those and then we were allowed to partake in the refreshments for the night. After enjoying those we were allowed to take pictures and those who still wanted to dance were allowed to and with so I was able to dance with her and tell her how wonderful she had done throughout the entire night. Another bonus was that she also won second runner to the queen spot and so we were all proud of what she was able to accomplish within these few weeks.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

This is the Out of Class Blog. This is the sports one. Soccer is 1st/Track is 2nd

Last night I attended my cousin soccer game for Thomas Dale (my high school) where they went against Matoaca which Dale won 2 to nothing with one goal scored in each half. Even my cousin almost had a goal but his teammate also got a head one it as well and they have him the goal. But it was a great game none the less some calls should have not been made but they were. That the refs that were assigned weren't the best but being a ref I do understand what they go through and how fast the call must be made in order to make sure the game flows. There was to yellow cards given out and one I believe should had been to the goal of the other team as well instead of just to are team but plays must be played and the game must go on.

Well today I attended my brother's and girlfriend's track event on which they both did great in the events they competed in, my brother and the throwers won overall while my girlfriend's relay team took 1st and also the ability to place in states and regionals which is excellent beyond belief that they will be competing for this opportunity to achieve such a high rank. So to all three of them and teams I  wish them good luck.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The 28th

                Well its called that simply because its Friday the 28th and well this week has been just kind of quiet, I believe that this has just been a long uneventful week. I have had a test in history and a quiz in stat, and I think that is it. I don't know why this week has been taking forever and I am glad it is Friday. But for English we haven't done much except brainstorm for are paper which I will be doing on pop culture. I plan on either doing one of the many shows on MTV and discussing how it effects the youth and if it really means anything, or arguing the idea of teens playing violent video games and how this will affect the way kids act towards other, and also when they are older, and if the parents should take more responsibility of the games these kids play. Also that aspect of is if kids play these games do they eat more found in one article. So that's pretty much it for this week and next week I will blog hopefully about a soccer game or the track meet and maybe both.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


So far this first week back from spring break'14 has sucked to be honest I really do wish I could restart this week or I can figure how to turn it back around. Now yes I had two test where I took before break and I did I guess ok but who knows anymore its like one step forward but then two or three steps back when you finally get things almost heading up it all comes crashing back right on top of you. But to start off the week apparently a bad stomach virus was going around and I know that Monday night into Tuesday I felt like death but I am better now, that I spent break working on the wrong paper for English. That history is slowly creeping up on me as well as bio lecture and lab and all I want is to figure out how to make everything work but yet not kill myself but I think that may be all that I can do.

But for being about English we are working now on are family paper and ill be honest I do not mind doing the paper but having to pick one point and then argue or back it up is something I've never done with a paper and I am still trying to figure out how I feel about this and I do not know to be honest. I understand that papers like these must be done and that's how life is going to be and your just gonna have to take the hits and that's why I have this clip.

Spring break

Spring Break

Well I must say it was well needed for the most part, a time to not have to use gas driving back and forth to Richard Bland College. But as for the break itself it was nice simply because I did not have to worry about an upcoming test or paper, having to work with a group for a project. I was just able to relax, hit the gym a couple times something that I don't have the chance to do that often or as much as I want to. I had a chance to catch up with old friends and to see the new Liam Neeson which was much better than expected saying that 95 percent of the movie took place on a plane but if I must say go see the movie it will be worth your time if you like suspense movies. But which made it better was that I had the entire week off from work and never had to worry about taking days off.
Well I did decide that I needed to look at school papers and everything that would then bother me yet again once I returned back to RBC which they have changed a few things as well. But yeah as it being spring break it was rather hard to really even think about school so that's it for today.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Three days

Well there isn't much to talk about today to be honest, tomorrow group five will go and then we will talk for a few minutes and then in will have only two more classes and it will all be done. The only other thing we have to do is the rough draft which we have a week to do which I will sometime do next week. But the reason I said three days is because Monday and Tuesday we had out for snow but it seems like Wednesday and today has just dragged on and we haven't even started Friday yet. I sit here typing thinking, why, why, why is this week still going on but we only have tomorrow and then after that we are on break and that will fly faster than people on black Friday..