Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Young Blood

I've finished all of my blogs and I only need to do my formal event which I just did but a few days ago I saw a video called Uncle Drew. Uncle drew is played by NBA star Kyrie Irving, this series is promoted by Pepsi Max. What he does is he has make up artist who come in to make him look like an older grandpa/older uncle who then goes to street parks. Once he gets to the street parks he relaxes until someone comes and ask to play where first he acts old and then the funny part happens. He turns on the NBA style of playing crossing over, stealing, dunking and everything else you could think of. He also has others come participate in these videos such as Kevin Love and Nate Robinson. When he adds them into the mix they start to bring back the team and are now almost done but haven't done the last few installments so it is only a matter of time.
Now the term young blood is something he uses to talk about the new generation of ballers and how they only care for the crossovers, the fade a ways and the shoe game and how they have forgot the really meaning of the game. And that is to get Buckets, nothing but buckets!

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